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Each home has a unique story to tell 다운로드.  My marketing plan captures this story through both traditional and digital strategies to get your home SOLD!


Let’s Meet

Meet with me to review the selling process, my marketing plan, and comparable homes 다운로드.

Prep It Up

I will tour your home and provide you with a list of necessary repairs and staging tips 네트워크 어댑터 드라이버.

Launch It

Introduce the property to the market and gain instant exposure mysql jdbc 드라이버.

Show and Tell

Buyers will be touring your home 건물 부수기. I will provide you any and all feedback from showings.

Under Contract

Receive, review, and ratify an offer 에디트플러스 테마 다운로드.

Almost There

Address any repair requests or any other contingencies 다운로드.

SOLD 쓰레드 파일 다운로드!

Sign and Celebrate!.